Juul Refillable Pods


Refillable Juul pods are empty pods intended to open and fill with your own salt nic liquid. Just choose your favorite liquid brand, flavor, and strength, fill your pod and strength and start vaping. These top quality refillable Juul compatible Pods can be refilled 2 to 3 times.

Available in 1.8Ω or 1.5Ω ceramic for pure taste.

Each pack has four refillable Juul compatible Pods ready to use.


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These definitely work as they’re meant to and I can get several fills from one pod and I don’t use them lightly. Received my first pack 2 weeks ago and still using the first pod I pulled out. The flavor isn’t really there anymore and its probably time to throw it out but I don’t really mind, its not quite burnt yet. No complaints about the longevity of the pod or the flavors. Only tried the 1.8 though. However these pods do leak a decent amount but I don’t know if its me, letting liquid get between the seal or what but I have opened and used 2 so far and they both leak. I don’t really mind because its mostly under the cap but if that’s a problem for you, keep that in mind. Overall they do their job and taste good.


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