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Package contents: Sea Pods Apple 4ctJUUL Compatible Pods Each Sea100 Pod contains 1mL of salt Juice with 5% nice by weight Feeling adventurous? Perhaps you should treat your spirit to something special. The Sea Pods Apple will introduce your palate to a whole new dimension of rich, sugary flavors. The juicy flavor of the apple will pervade your palate, blessing it with a refreshing flavor that exalts the general mood of the senses and leaves behind a lasting impression. As you take in your initial inhalation, you will notice a rich and thick vapor that emanates from the tip of the vaporizer. This vapor is endowed with a medium bodied strength profile that imparts flavor with perfection, never overriding the sensual threshold of the palate. The apple is the most popular fruit amongst the people, so this vapor takes the first place in desirability correspondingly.


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