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Ziip Watermelon Gum Pods 4ct – Compatible Pods for JUUL Kit Each Ziip pod contains 1mL of e Juice with 6% salty nicotine by weight. Ziip Pods Watermelon Gum Features

It has long been rumored that Ziip Pods was going to introduce a legendary spin on their already highly revered and popular Watermelon flavor. So, what was it going to be? The Juul Compatible Watermelon Gum is a special twist on the berry flavor that adds a thicker strength to the vapor, allowing it to taste and smell just like the gum itself. Is it worth it? The composite structure of this product is medium bodied, still uncompromised and properly delivering thick vapor regardless of its lessened strength. Don’t worry though, these pods won’t dispense any liquid that will get stuck to your teeth! So, perhaps this is the new revolutionized version of Watermelon gum!


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